Have your cake & eat it too

Who, Why and how

Fitelo is a health and well-being platform to help people achieve their ideal fitness goals holistically. To coincide with their strategic approach and positioning in the market, we were asked to completely reimagine their entire brand identity and digital presence.

We designed the identity with the logo symbol representing mental wellness as well as physical wellness while complimenting it with geometric sans serif typography with soft edges to imbibe traits of trustworthiness and approachability. The palette is lush and robust with Honey Orange and Mint Cyan as the primary colours of the brand, representing positivity and transformation. This combination of Orange and Cyan signals a decisive new direction for the brand and its flexible, adaptive offerings.

mind & body mind & body
deep dive

Focused on creating an impactful user experience (UX) for individuals seeking improved health and fitness, we conducted extensive research to understand the target audience and their specific wellness needs, resulting in a cohesive brand identity that embodied Fitelo's holistic values.

We enhanced the platform by introducing and developing key health calculators such as BMI calcuator, PCOD Quiz and Lifestyle Quiz which further differntiated the platform from it’s competitors and made it an interactive experience for its users.

Increase in Revenue
7x Increase in Audience
By the numbers

We helped establish Fitelo’s identity within the Health & Wellness space by creating a mindful and ethical brand and brand extensions.

By empowering people in a safe and approachable space, we helped increase daily leads, reaching a remarkable 1200 per day.