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Who, Why and how

Hedley & Bennett’s aprons highlight the craft, skill, and confidence required of a cook in a working kitchen. Each apron is carefully designed by Hedley & Bennett’s founder, Ellen Bennett—who once worked as a line cook at LA’s prestigious Providence restaurant—and then handcrafted with extreme detail by her team of cutters, embroiderers, sewers, & managers in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

We designed and developed their websites (D2C and B2B) which were as colorful and easy for their users as their products. This project aimed to enhance the user experience and functionality while maintaining consistency with the brand's identity over both the platforms.

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Join the #apronsquad Join the #apronsquad
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One of the major features designed was the embroidery app. The app allowed users to personalize their products by selecting various options such as color, fabric type, ampersand, and even uploading their own logo. This app provided a unique and engaging experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing conversions.

Additionally, the team designed and implemented a new and robust navigation system. We incorporated multiple selection options for categories, allowing users to explore products more efficiently. This enhancement not only improved the user flow but also contributed to enhanced accessibility, making the websites more inclusive and user-friendly.

Increase in Conversion Rate
48% Increase in Session Time
By the numbers

By collaborating with Hedley & Bennett, we played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and a boost of 30% increase in average order value (AOV).