Pickleball - too cool for school

Who, Why and how

Recess Pickleball was founded to bring about that wholesome recess feeling to people of all ages, encouraging them to take a break, have fun, and play. Recess offers the paddles that look as fun and approachable as pickleball itself.

We helped them improve and elevate their e-commerce website that could reflect the brand’s light, playful aesthetic. This helped the brand stand out from its competitors and provided a better experience for the users.

We also developed a Custom Paddles Feature and Custom Bundle Builder to further gamify the shopping experience for the users while increasing the AOV for the brand.

follow the fun follow the fun
Increase in Conversion Rate
21.3% Reduction in Cart Abandonment
By the numbers

Through thoughtful design principles, we crafted an engaging and intuitive shopping experience that resonated with the users.

This resulted in a noticeable increase in the conversion rate and helped increase revenue by 2x.