What app’ens in Vegas

Who, Why and how

Mobile Apps Unlocked, also known as MAU Vegas, stands as the paramount global gathering for mobile app acquisition and retention. This exceptional event boasts a staggering array of industry giants such as Spotify, Tinder, Lyft, Bumble, and MailChimp, to name a few.

Entrusted with an awe-inspiring mission, we undertook the challenge of crafting, and executing the event's visual direction that included the event identity, signages, posters, hoardings, brochures, lounge banners, tickets, merchandise and website.

Mobile Apps Unlocked 2019 - Mobile Apps Unlocked 2019 -
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Harnessing the power of bold grotesque typography and vibrant colors, we forged a visual language that reverberates with the pulsating energy of this cutting-edge field.

The illustration style was inspired by visionary American artist, Dan Flavin, renowned for his masterful minimal light installations. The use of tech inspired neon gradients in combination with fluid lines against a dark background helped radiate an ethereal luminescence across all platforms, captivating the senses and transcending the boundaries of traditional design.